CEO Message

“In a technological world, we make the difference”.
It gives me great pleasure to welcome you to the world of Points Information technology.
Here you will find a comprehensive, in-depth review of our company, reflecting the pride of more than
100 global Companies take in our ongoing growth and current success. It also conveys our sense of
mission and vision to become the preferred leaders in Technology.

Our sole goal is to guarantee that the mission objectives of our clients are met with the best level of
capability, assurance, and affordability. Points Clients come to us knowing that we have the expertise.
to advance service delivery to the next level of effectiveness.

We are able to draw upon the accumulated knowledge of an organization that has set new standards.
of excellence in sectors including transportation, healthcare, Educational, Hospitality and more. We
apply the very best international insights to keep our clients at the leading edge.
Trust, Care, Innovation, and Pride are the four simple company values that define Points information.
technology culture and guide our daily operations. They show how we relate to our customers,
coworkers, and communities. We hold one another responsible for Helping Corporates we can all be
proud of.